20+ Uncle Iroh Quotes From Avatar

uncle iroh quotes

Uncle Iroh Introduction Uncle Iroh which is also called General Iroh, is a fictional character in a television series ‘Avatar’. Iroh was a retired general of fire station. He has a power to create fire. So, today we will presenting the best Uncle Iroh Quotes from Avatar. Uncle Iroh Quotes The best unlce iroh quotes …

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Madara Uchiha Quotes About Love, Motivation, And Life

madara uchiha quotes

Madara Uchiha Introduction Madara Uchiha is the central villain character in a super fictional Naruto series. Madara was the legendary leader of the clan named Uchiha. To begin the new era of peace, he founded Konohagakure with his loyal childhood friend. When he failed in his plans, he fights for taking control of the village. …

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