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About Us

About Us

Human have been looking for answers every time and every day. Solution of accessing answers to understand the secrets behind the questions made him curious and interrogated.

Answers were not written in every solution book, Hand book and even he was studying. Human searched for the answers and wrote in personal guides.

But with the passage of time that solution worked no more but the advancement in his field made old answers rough and useless like dust of basket. He started looking again for answers .

Human was in need to have answer in single plate form since that time he kept trying to shape an environment where he would be easy to get solution and answers.

Then ARPA net introduced solution in the form of networks. Today that developed into Internet which is browsed through google Bing and many other search engines.


Our site was established in 2018 and own by Muhammad Haroon.Site was put into working shape in 2018 and right are reserved 2018.I was excited to have a place in the technology field to contribute and provide answers.

I got ideas about working for google and earning from it but the solution and task was much challenging.

The Niche to work with was important part and I got ideas from internet to bring it in to the reality. The thing that got in my mind was and important idea and manageable content.

As I was good at writing something in proper way and creative about writing something that was motivational.

I took step to write for the quotes as it’s easy to tell the people and to get reach of people.

My aim was to provide something that would be readable and easy for the individual interest.


Our site covers all the topics about the quotes. Quotes are professionally written by our content writers who are much creative and sensible to write for quotes.

Quality of website is our main priority and would be knowingly Choice. You would be able to find different categories of Quotes and it would be much inspiring.

As owner our conscious is to provide related powerful content. Aim of site to consider all the topics and written illustration in the right form of wording.

No harm to any community and religion was not brought but the solution and spreading love and humanity through our content is our aim.

We respect privacy and police of topics author. Only creating the right thing is what we provide. For the next coming times we can enhance our niche to high content categories and providing new updated.


We recommend reader not harm subjected to anyone. Natural results and aim of delivering motivation would be our covering topic.

Better need is to provide our 100%.In response you must have to appreciate our work by sharing and giving credit our site through your social and digital presense.

Our whole team will appreciate your work. Awareness of positive motivation and reliability and transforming environment to healthy one would be our deal to submit.

Our whole content is research based and covering all positive aspects. Our writer are from different fields who are enough creative to grab your attention.

They reach to positivity and content power. They are much Experienced in their field and write harm free and optimized content. We as owner our of BESTY QOUTES recommend you to be relax and easy to deliver our site to recommend any body to read none addictively gentle and non-toxic.

Why to recommend

For most activities, you ought to plan to have a solitary point that covers the general end you wish to make from the work.

We focus to divide work in different stages and recombine to achieve goal. After the Analyze phase, your team will have an idea of where to focus their improvement efforts.

At this time, our team decides the measure they want to work on, and the target they want to achieve. For example, in an information driven task, there may be assortment, preparing and investigation stage.

Inside the presentation, as it will provide clear guidance to the per user and permit them to comprehend the specific circumstance and hypothesis introduced given the general point.

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