Emotions, Origin Of Emotions And Effects Of Emotions On Behavior.


“Emotions” is not control sometime, so it isn’t a thing to worry about but if everyday you don’t control your emotions, so it is not a good thing .

So you must be worry about such thing.
The origin of human behavior is actually emotions.

The emotions is greatly concern with the feelings.

So as a result of feelings there is occurrence of physical and psychological effects which in result change to behaviors.


Origin Of Emotions:

Following are the origins which result in emotions and whick then creates psychological aspects, then affects human systems like nervous system.

So at last result in creating behavior.

  1. Genetics.
  2. Human behaviors.
  3. Environment effects.
  4. Daily life problems.
  5. Like insulting behaviors.
  6. As Pollution.
  7. Like Congested area where high amount of noise is created results in mental disorders.

Effects Of Not Controlling Emotions:

Some of the following effects are given below as:
  1. So if emotion isn’t control by all of us ,then an environment will be created in which no one can tolerate each other
  2. Let if every person in this world has such behavior that at small small thing he can’t control his emotions so people will gone mad.The reason of giving such prediction is because that every person in this world need thing moderate not too much and not too less.
  3. As every person in this world is going to be angry at small small things so it will be very difficult for everyone to live even for single minute.Every man will be mad.This world will be nothing but a place like hell.
  4. So  every person in this world is cruel so it will be very difficult that even a single man will remain living on this earth.
Emotions and behaviors
Emotions and behaviors

What We Conclude From Emotion:

So i want to say that our emotions will be such like in control that even in tough situations our behaviors is moderate.

Similarly if we acquire moderate condition in every aspect of life.

Our life will be more safe, peaceful, healthy, happy, satisfy, enjoy able and amazing.

Emotion Vs Intelligence
Emotion Vs Intelligence

So the quotes also say about internal feelings.

It says that your internal feelings will not be that much strong so that it grasps you thinking ability.

Because if your thinking ability vanishes so you will be consider fool. Why you will be consider fool?

Because if your thinking ability vanishes so your attitude of thinking and doing things changes.

So you will behaves to things foolishly.


So i think you are getting my point.

So must think about internal feelings.

But think wisely and carefully. So as a result you just reach some point where you find your weaknesses and try to fix it