Internet, Quick Access To Information And It’s Effects

Internet internetInternet And It’s Effects

The quick access to information is very easy through internet. But it has also great effects on us.


Everyone has become so dependent on the digital information sources.

That the idea of without a second though opening an encyclopedia and writing footnotes, whoa! .

Rather than copy and paste from the website is similar to forcing someone to walk through the burning coals.

Living in the digital world, we have become so addicted spending hours on the internet that now it’s raising the concern

that the internet is changing our lifestyles and it’s sometimes for worse.

Meanwhile, it’s good that I find quick answers to every question on earth can read books online. I also feel unchallenged and dependent on the kind of inconvenience.
What would have been before the Google and Wikipedia have you ever gave it a thought?

Just think of those dark days, consider some before and after scenes from life,

in the areas of knowledge and learning and routinely task what we usually take advantage of the internet for and the combination is appealing.

Google and best Wikipedia page creation service has made us impatient and indulged for quick information accessibility and process. Along with the pleasure of laid back, searching has made way for an appetite for quick finding.

The shift of knowledge from then and now
Research in the early days.

Recalling childhood memories about internet !

Do you remember sitting in your room going through manual encyclopedias thinking of the faraway places and being fascinated by the astronomical studies.

I would get a volume taken from the shelf at the chance and only read whatever I have fallen upon and letting bright prospects lead me. Everything was unstructured and fun to learn.

In the high school days, the Encyclopedia Britannica was the only source of research. However, I usually consider myself among the readers who were not user-friendly. The biggest challenge was the decimal system that to my adult mind have no assonance and reason.

Being lost in the library, we had homework to do, and it was no fun though,

it was fascinating to find new things.

Those days are researching means going through books after books making notes, highlighting significant points.

The process was so engaging that it made me think several times before

abandoning the library so as not to leave behind the valuable information.

Researching these days Through Internet

It’s been decades that libraries have been abandoned.

Making use of the internet for entirely everything related to the research,

as a matter of fact, we are dependent that we feel crippled out of it. The speed at which we excess information is so fast that it’s quite challenging to digest everything. At the speed of sound from Google to Wikipedia and again to google.

Since everyone else is abreast with the same rate that it has become so difficult to come to the grounds and take all the burden.

One fact opens the door to another and another.
There is no enterprise than the only google that provides, that makes me remind of the childhood days. These days we don’t even a single physical book. If we need to communicate things, it’s mostly done on the emails and via social network. From time to time, we hear voices, but everyone is so busy that they prefer electronic, verbal communication. Everything has become so lonely.

Learning in the old days Without Internet

In the past school days when we initially started studying, the years were lead to learning less of the cams and technology and more about the initials of storytelling, the classic myths and philosophy.

We used to rely on the classroom experience and considered myself driven by every lecture. It was moralistic practice giving rise to patient listening and mentoring.

We use to open a couple of exciting books in thirst of discovering more and more so to expand our views.
Learning these days
These days the students in a class cannot tolerate the time for waiting as a result of my internet attention span;

this might not permit you hearing the lecture. They often take out the smartphone google it and cut the chase.
They remain assuming that they are smarter than that, they google the subject go through the Wikipedia entry and initiate by skimming. The method the entry is written permits for a more significant jump for the good deeds.
If they are this lazy, they may depend on this one source for creating an opinion related to someone or somebody. The next big challenge is reading online. Since reading online is not entirely comfortable for us to read all the 600 pages and printing is more pain so we would end up just reading the chunks and the good part. Moreover, educationist, these days are uploading the entire lecture on the iTunes that you can join with anything missed.

The burning questions

What do you think, does the internet and the tools such as Google and Wikipedia have made life more comfortable or are they leading us to adopt bad habits. What online tools you cannot make you’re living out of?

Hopefully you will enjoy it and also you will get alot of knowledge.

Now as we prefer your opinion also. So share yours opinion with us in comment section.

We will appreciate it and try to make it more better amd good.

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