50 Amazing Kurt Cobain quotes

Kurt Cobain

Full name Kurt Donald Cobain.

He was an American guitarist. Interest in guitar made him a singer and songwriter. He introduced his band. But he wrote quotes as Kurt Cobain quotes.

His strong consciousness in music and strength made him strong in the culture.

He decided to write many books and golden words.

Kurt Cobain Quotes

  • “Don’t lose the personality that you have and don’t chase you want you can lose yourself”
  • “If someone brings hate or spoil any dirt please don’t buy our records”
  • “Let’s make it final I believe in humanity and equality”
  • “I will prefer being what I am not than being what should I be”
  • “Most hate I have for being fake”
  • “Usually don’t make any appointments usual things are not regular”
  • “I don’t bring faith to anything when my mind is not able to learn”
  • “Kindness would be forever and hate would be imaginary”
  • “I push myself to be alone rather than having two-faced people”
  • “Things never happen they are brought and regarded as achievements”
  • “Sleepy faces and black hands are the food suppliers of the family”
  • “Let me chase the rules to straight me up”
  • “Confidence and eternity are exact perfections and hunger to be filled”
  • “Bring the dark to light like this and feel the pain and loss”
  • “Sitting on the corner of river and throwing stones  in the river will teach you a strong mind don’t bother for small things”
  • “What you feel you need that is not exactly that you desire”
  • “I bring lights even when I don’t have moon”

Kurt Cobain Quotes On Politics

Kurt Cobain joined politics or not it’s still a question mark on every author.

Politics is concerned with his work in some situations.

Due to interest in music, some of the writers say it was a deception.

Kurt Cobain quotes on politics are as given below

  • “Generation would be surprised when the work-related and their actions performed are loaded with greed I see parties losing by heart even they have many votes”
  • “see me when the world is losing let me decide and put votes for the right”
  • “I believe in test of both parties and I hope to see generation as a fighter against the money thieves”
  • “Orders for the section in two parties my choice is truth”

Kurt Cobain Quotes in 1993 has different stages to believe.

Many authors argue written wrong or say it misconception

  • “He had estimated trump as an American leader in the future so he said close the chapters and see the world right face for young people. Parties can decide differently in this”
  • “When you have faith for opportunities that those are filled and resolved but show me that nothing solved”

Kurt Cobain quotes Trump

Kurt Cobain quotes trump are given below as

Kurt Cobain quotes Trump
  • “Quotes appeared in the post of 2016 was matched with Kurt even mentioned name was Curt”
  • “False statement  after his death was put on social media to recognize the ultimate truth”
  • “Facts that you have maybe temporary but the actions are memorable”
  • “In my life stages, my friends and co persons are regraded or announced if you hate homosexuality  don’t follow us don’t come to our concerts”
  • “Trump was an idea where arms of the army and relatively establishment would be imagination”
  • “Restoring the common manpower will be long lasting even a known person like trump is added”
  • “Bet sessions and I will tell you about trump”

Trump said

  • “if long-lasting is not achieved but if I leave I will prefer as Republications”
  • “Believe me or not there is a group of voters who  are blind for the results”
  • “News on different channels would be still blaming and the horrific result would come”
  • “You can bring power in the establishment where you were an outstanding researcher”

Kurt Cobain Famous Quotes

Kurt Cobain famous quotes are given below as

  • “Why we are much sticky to our self where we can prosper”
  • “I had no idea for songs guitar mad me this”
  • “Heal the world through the bad time you are no weaker”
  • “Show what you are estimations can drop you”
  • “When you are at the stage where you can manage yourself you are the highest peak”
  • “Bring good time if you believe in yourself”
  • “Make around what you were to remember you had got better”
  • “I don’t see future I just work for that”
  • “If I still you think you can reach the right place you can do”
  • “Images are memory snap them to love your future”
  • “Imaginations or thinking can’t be the reason for achievements but hard work will do it in the right way”
  • “Boost yourself even you are lazy that will teach you how to learn in weakness”
  • “I would not have this conceptual life If I sit and keep weeping and keep wasting time.i will prefer to choose a path and work to lead me and make me happy”
  • “I feel good for my same-sex where I can share him right things being same will make sure. Same for him to tell me it’s tough for a girl to understand what man thinks”

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Kurt Cobain Love Quotes

Kurt Cobain love quotes are given below as

Kurt Cobain Love Quotes
  • “Love is natural if you feel it you have and after this if you go out of it. It’s like you snatch innocence from a child”
  • Don’t deal I have nothing to share I am broken by heart”
  • “Love lies between hope care and not in the imagination”
  • “Everyone has weak point but a good nature also spread love and humanity”
  • “Spread love and even bad temper can handle you”
  • “Find good in yourself to preach love”
  • “When you get a lover and the second one can’t replace you”
  • “I don’t have the heart to get a break and to harm others”
  • “I have broken heart to feel others pain”
  • “We are not afraid from the flight but have lack of power to handle it”
  • “Many of us are not afraid of saying something they are afraid of results”
  • “Stories are made by love and written in golden words”
  • “Go out of imagination and feel love and deliver to others”
  • “Many of issue are born due to not eternity”
  • “Spot the right places and reach love”
  • “Love yourself to  feel what you are and what you can manage for others”