60 Sizzling Lao Tzu Quotes

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu was an old Chinese writer and thinker. He had also named in the field of philosophy and written many books for philosophy. Lao Tzu was also famous as Lao Tzu Quotes. He had only one son and he taught him about philosophy. Religiously he was in Taoism.

Lao Tzu Quotes

  • “See your opponents while they rest do the right work and when they do silly things do great work”
  • “Kindness is not an art but a way to deliver love, honesty, and blessings”
  • “Creatures are smart and lazy don’t be smart to leave them behind”
  • “Come and speak let me decide yourself who you are”
  • “If the mind stops world looks hanged up with no strings”
  • “If you know don’t speak if you don’t know don’t over-explain”
  • “Soft leads to hard and hard always too soft”
  • “Facts for about someone never preach precious about him”
  • “Prefer to speak less if you want the mind to think more”
  • “Teach your mind a blessing about something not curses not to work it properly”
  • “Train your mind and evolve path to success”
  • “I don’t admire things that I do I admire if I do what others do”
  • “Doing what I can is regular but doing perfectly is better”
  • “Quit until you reach”

Lao Tzu Love Quotes

Love is the name of a situation where you don’t care for yourself but you always keep on the aim to get someone rather it can be some person, achievement, or goal. Being fallen in love may disappoint you but also stick you to get it

Lao Tzu Quotes 

Lao Tzu Love Quotes
  • “If you fight with eager to win not with anger to put you back”
  • “Courage comes from being loved and loving someone will not pay you back”
  • “Deal with Love to win”
  • “Love attacks feelings, courage, and mind”
  • “loved one always would be in proud and courageous”
  • “Mastering in being loved is actual power”
  • “You would need strength to feel and love someone also courage being left alone”
  • “When I bring out myself I learn new world like a king”
  • “Power of love would reach to a single point”
  • “Intelligence is knowing yourself”
  • “Madness is when we want to learn others”
  • “Grow yourself until you don’t need promoter because a leader always walk in front while others follow”
  • “Follow  others
  • “Follow others or make a path to let you lead in the right way”
  • “Bring the power of love not hunger, poverty and overthinking save the world from war to get out of it”
  • “I don’t want statues to see me but my words to learn”
  • “Decisions, orders and slavery gate the fate like this if you love”
  • “Love and live in dark depart and find the light to see who you are”

Lao Tzu Quotes on leadership

Leadership is the quality of a mature mind and a creative thinker. Leaders always do the right to make no obstacles in the path as mistakes made in past.

Lao Tzu Quotes

  • “Leaders don’t talk merely they prove”
  • “A leading role would not enough with no goal in back time”
  • “I had two paths to select teach the world and lead them. I do both by teaching through writings and lead them by inspiring them”
  • “Inspire of disappearing from the scene”
  • “When I stop working and keep thinking again”
  • “Best leader doesn’t work for goal even they don’t exist”
  • “Reached the aim and conquered my whole life but you will not appreciate”
  • “Walk alone to see you what you have instead of the body”
  • “I don’t calculate success but I calculate hard work. I win when my hard work wins”
  • “Believe me or not you deserve better”
  • “get the hate to put dream needles in your body to motivate you”

Lao Tzu Quotes knowing your self

Before you go out and do stuff for your estimate your emotions, feelings, and rigidity. Lao Tzu Quotes are inspiring. Try your best to put yourself down if you can’t win. If you keep yourself in shadow or feel this bring yourself to light to see what you are?

Lao Tzu Quotes

Lao Tzu Quotes knowing your self
  • “Learn your limits to teach limits”
  • Bringing someone to knees through power is not big magic. But the best one is leading them and begging for the richness of your qualities”
  • “You know yourself it enough”
  • “wise men don’t talk but they keep quiet to shout people and let the world know”
  • “if you want to know you in me just see me in yourself”
  • “Don’t compare yourself you are perfect how you are”
  • “Thousands of people know you but they don’t know you for your qualities is useless being famous and if people want to know you for your qualities is incredible”
  • “Work for yourself, not for devil desires”
  • “Put the power to words to change the mind”
  • “Write always to inspire not to depress always deliver hope”
  • “Many desires but one heart and many thoughts but one mind leave them to work”

Lao Tzu Quotes water

Water is a universal natural fluid with no color and like another author who has something to represent their worth writings and distinguishes themselves from others.

Lao Tzu Quotes

Lao Tzu Quotes water
  • “Water has no shape and  no color also reshapes what it is provided and a rigid body like rock don’t reshape but keep his place and don’t find any shape so the conclusion is soft is always strong”
  • “Everything rigid keeps his place and shape but water can flow and reshape even nothing can stop it”
  • “Feed your fear with water of hard work if you assume this it would work”
  • “Always soft things are beautiful and strong like water”
  • “Mix up water to build leave the hard to keep its location at one place”
  • “Don’t move dead don’t change place”
  • “Reshape, tear sand chest and stand to build what I learned from water”
  • “Great things always mold  silly things don’t”
  • “There is nothing powerful as water and soft as water”
  • “Violence straight up paths but softness always dig, move and penetrates”
  • “Strong things always change their self and reshape to be king”
  • “Streams go to canal, river and see what you learned lighter things leads to big”

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