70 Sensational Walt Whitman Quotes

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman was regarded as famous poet and influencer for motivating people born in America.

He written books and many other novels to encourage sleeping army to boost their mind.

You have to shine was his famous quote to follow.

He continued influencing people and new generation.

His written stories are regarded as Walt Whitman Quotes.

POEMS Walt Whitman Quotes

  • Robert Frost
  • Song of myself
  • Leaves of grass
  • Sing the body electric
  • Song of open song

Walt Whitman Quotes

  • “Determination is not born with the broken feet”
  • “Cheap things and your faults make you write new history
  • “I feel I am here that is my existence”
  • “I love to feel in my old memories”
  • “Can you put your shadow behind you just walk in sunshine”
  • “I enjoy myself I was born to live”
  • “I see grass as cosmic and bright stars”
  • “if I deserve enemies why friends are not here”
  • “There is no life that is weak but disability is the power to grow you with that”
  • “Sending invitations is more likely to work with and power of being alone”
  • “Be adventurer but don’t decide what is wrong and what is right”

Walt Whitman Love Quotes

Love is sensational power and being attracted by some one.

Love is not attached just with humans.

Walt Whitman Quotes can be the path to follow.

It is sense of morality and eternity and flow.

Showing your beauty of greatness and having no violation for crazy things

Walt Whitman Quotes on love is given below

  • “Every environment is your life to learn and to love”
  • “Don’t snatch me the beautiful flowers of love where I learnt love”
  • “Still you believe in love you are curious”
  • “For poets a land or a country is not border”
  • “When I love I spend myself to others”
  • “Loving from presence is actual love”
  • “Being broken writing poems hold me to stay in life”
  • “Bringing in your life when your every flesh of body is not with you even scars are its parts is love”
  • “Love is defined by the power of being hated and still managing yourself to keep calm”
  • “Keeping yourself strong and enough not to lose you will be love path”
  • “Fellows who don’t make you laugh don’t love you”
  • “Making a way or being happy is effort to stay inside you where you are”
  • “I Say this ‘Universe is stable with love and concerned to every matter”
  • “Make choices don’t spread hate the way you have handled yourself”
  • “Great man don’t  hate but they show love to prove this”

Walt Whitman Famous Quotes

Walt Whitman famous Quotes are given as

  • “I hope my bad days should happen with you”
  • “Day by day I am close to you”
  • “If we are sitting together and share my stories I forget other world”
  • “Stay with me until I broke myself to see conclusion of my close ones to hate me”
  • “Failing first attempt examine your stamina whether you are able to go for it or you coward to lose it in no time”
  • “Happiness has no hours and days just stay in today and be happy”
  • “I have learned to beat my heart without emotions to save it to blast”
  • “Will you come to me and to have me in your life”
  • “Do what you want but not that make you live hard”
  • “Miracle are the parts to be obeyed and loved”
  • “Some people are my sunshine and they boost me”
  • “Amid depression and broken paths leaded me not to have myself”
  • “I apologize Being not for you and to shine like moon with you”
  •  “Learn the rules to lead not to follow”
  • “Eyes got your sight every day every night”
  • “Lets go to home all the life love will not end”
  • “Be mine lets go and stay always with me”

Walt Whitman Quotes About Life

Walt Whitman Quotes about life are as given

  • “Holding tears and weeping alone will give you power than crowd of people just to maintain place inside you not to be part of your sorrows”
  • “Simplicity of life is the part to be hold, shine faces and to depress”
  • “I swear bad things are more beautiful that are better to save you”
  • “Falling in life opens new roads of adventure”
  • “If one thing disappears search for new one”
  • “I even now can stop myself for you”
  • “I have worked and found everything that I need”
  • “Focus on your life and yourself these will give you what you want”
  • “Everyone go in different direction but death had one destination for everyone”
  • “Wars are lost in way where they are won”
  • “I dispute myself ,I argue and I won”
  • “Fighting with my own feelings is same as I let people hate me”

The things you must follow

  • “this is actual rule to follow ,Love everything ,be with hard time, don’t ignore others, stay right, believe in blessing and don’t put hate to crazy ones”
  • “Being with you is what that had lead you every time”

Walt Whitman Quotes Happiness

Walt Whitman Quotes happiness given as

  • “Don’t find happiness in things happiness is live .it lives in human make them happy”
  • “Happiness is power to handle others behaviors”
  • “Staying inside yourself is what you have to be other world is full of distraction”
  • “Happiness satisfies your soul”
  •  “Do you see me with my family its eternal happiness”
  • “To me my life is miracle broken in my every age type”
  • “Give me gardens of flowers and butterflies and show you happiness”
  • “See nature ,chirping birds and rising sun its happiness”
  • “No one walk for you no one pay for your life you have to handle it by own”
  • “You were born crying why to put hate for crazy old age”
  • “Maturity and hard time will teach a path leading to happiness”
  • “Feel your presence as love and happiness your absence can make you sad”
  • “Seeing height is not goal to reach is happiness”
  • “I don’t deliver lectures I deliver myself”
  • “Spend life to leave marks for being human not for manners of horn’s creation
  • “Life events may put you in hard time,smile and face it

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