What Is Life,Life Is About What?,The Complete Explanation

What Is Life

Is what life we must have to live for in their lives and that human beings do not try to understand they’re living.

We should see this is the consequence which human beings have abandoned themselves by ignorance and greed for long time.

So the outcome of our life which we wish and is being ignored unhappiness and by darkness.

People say that life’s a never ending job and a few people say that.

Because We do not understand the fact do we’ve to live our life and why do by denying the joy of it that’s in 22, we’ve to live. 

What Is Life
What Is Life

We Are Going Toward?

As we are going again toward the back times in which there was a zina,homosexuality,lesbianism,children amusement and many more.

It means that we are going toward human crisis.

But we should understand the crisis of human beings world from loss of the value of perspective of life or,

But we should feel fear that these things prevail in our environment.

Provided that religions do not know precisely what life and universities are the government promoting place.

So it is bound to be hard for anyone to teach the truth of life and people today who’ve today abandoned themselves will not want items in truth to be disclosed.

So the duty of his era is the way do we understand about life and also to select what we’ve to live for.

The Most Crucial Thing 

The most crucial thing that you consider is to love yourself and also to create a good self in you.

So the reason why I’m speaking around these things is because there’s a principle from the sphere

And all the answers are from the principle.

So it is the whole process that exists from birth to death

So And we’ve the consequence from us through what happened from ourselves.

Whenever we know life we may see the real worth of it and once we know it then true love can come out of ourselves.

Unless of course the world of human beings can’t open their eyes to life so the worth of it will disappear forever.  

Whenever your life can’t bless yourself then it is not yours anymore.

The dependence on human beings is the ability which human beings may have.

And the fact that they can’t use their ability that they’ve for themselves means they lost themselves by ignorance.

Now we should check about it problem.

So We should know exactly what we know and what we’re doing. All truth is appearing throughout the result.

When the question is wrong the consequence comes out wrong and

So only somebody who comprehends the question could make a good result.

Because The most crucial problem that the sphere of human beings ought to know is

How to take our life and how to serve ourselves.