50 Amazing Whatsapp status Malayalam

Why Whatsapp Status In Malayalam?

Whatsapp Status Malayalam is searched in India.

Many Indian people are searching for it.

Malayalam is a language spoken in Kerala India.

It’s roundabout 3% of India population speak.

Whatsapp status quotes are written in this language but they are translated.

We have a collection of Whatsapp status Malayalam

Whatsapp Status Malayalam

  • “Make time for others life would fill you with persons whom you love”
  • “Your life is your own don’t waste it for others”
  • “We make excuse to meet, don’t break hearts”
  • “My life is mine don’t make a try to interrupt”
  • “Everybody holds his own laws don’t try to be over smart”
  • “Work until you can and the future will be your own”
  • “Life is too smart to hurt you but don’t make it possible”
  • “My life and my paths are mines you don’t have authority
  • “Please give me pain how much you can bear”
  • “life is a gift it’s your own don’t waste it for anyone”
  • “I love you when you love me I am not loyal until you are”
  • “My hard words can be for you even you deserve much but life will answer”
  • “Don’t make mistakes everyone is the teacher here”
  • “Don’t tell you felt no one is here to accept but to laugh”
  • “Please give me some concession my love I will give you my time to tease me”

Whatsapp Status Malayalam Attitude

Whatsapp status Malayalam attitude are given for motivation as:

Whatsapp Status Malayalam Atitude
  • “Bring your hands to my foot I want to see you like me”
  • “I had cried but you did not care now I am not a saint to forget it”
  • “There are many things to love but I don’t love you”
  • “Make me cry and wait for my turn”
  • “Girls leave relatives to talk over you but don’t forget to do hard work”
  • “Life is struggling full don’t stop”
  • “Life is like a draining canal don’t stop to work opposite of it”
  • “Every action has a reaction, You hated me I will do it for you”
  • “My life is leading me to right don’t come to turn my head to see you”
  • “Life is a precious gift don’t do it wrong”
  • “If you call me I will not attend I have turned my focus”
  • “You did not leave me but you have given me the motivation to work”
  • “Please do wrong with me I want to see beast inside myself”
  • “Pleasure is not necessary but the smiling face is important”
  • “When she left me and I smiled and said no one will be your own”
  • “You will find same as you are”
  • “live a life to enjoy not to have patience on your ex wedding’

Whatsapp Status For Those Who Speak Against Me

Whatsapp Status Malayalam

  • “Speak behind me like a barking dog that is doing nothing”
  • “Those who ignore me will not deserve my friend’s seat”
  • “I will not have patience if you do wrong and I just bear it”
  • “live like no is happy like you be sad like no is happy now”
  • “Please advise me to  leave her I don’t to be a slave anymore”
  • “She loves me for my wealth but not for me”
  • “I can tell the snakes but this is not the right time to do that”
  • “Please have me until you do perfectly for me”
  • “I don’t like the environment where you don’t  like to have me I want to make a situation where you feel me”
  • “She cries for everything not for me even she doesn’t love me”
  • “I can contribute my life if you love to have me”
  • “They don’t deserve right ones where life is straight and they don’t stay”
  • “Please make your own path whether you want to be loved or hated”

Whatsapp Status Malayalam For Boys And Girls

Whatsapp status Malayalam for boys and girls are given below:

Whatsapp Status Malayalam For Boys And Girls
  • “Good things can take time but patience can take you where your destination is”
  • “She even read my messages but she did not reply after a year I give him a lift in Audi”
  • “You can even hurt me but you will not bear anything from my side”
  • “Please leave me being weeping and disappear me from your help”
  • “Keep an eye on your destination but not on love to hurt you”
  • “When life is hard you can learn the lesson to go ahead”
  • “Your every hard time and reaction of people will grow you”
  • “Hard life can make you happy but don’t forget to have it make you happy”
  • “Being Boss of your own life can provide a better life”
  • “Never beg for love who loves you will not let you beg”
  • “Love is the name of feelings it can be earned not demanded”
  • “A life that can go and can forward you is a better life”
  • “Those people always make history who always cry and remain sad”
  • “If life is hard believe it .it will take you to best place”
  • “Be thankful what you have”
  • “A hard life is a better life”
  • “If your heart is not hurt you can’t be mature”

Whatsapp Status Malayalam For Trust

Whatsapp status Malayalam for trust is given as

  • “If life is beautiful why get sad for that, that was not maddening for you”
  • “Be patient life can make beautiful paths”
  • “Please upgrade your thinking to understand me”
  • “life ensures you to have bigger things by having a hard time”
  • “My life can take me where I want”
  • “tell me your bright side I cant not see you being ignored”
  • “Heart don’t believe fake things grow it by love”
  • “Life is beautiful until you believe in yourself”
  • “See me in your dreams believe it to meet in real”
  • “My life decisions told me what to start and what to stop”
  • “I trust even when I am not in the right situation”
  • “Trust is like water it can seep n every hard thing”
  • “Make shout out if I have done well with you in future”
  • “Life begins where you start learning people”
  • “People cant be your own if you are at high rank”
  • “People will degrade you to not move on but when you see this, this is an opportunity”
  • “Time never comes we have to bring it”
  • “I can make time for you if you can make moments for me”

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