50+ Sad Whatsapp Status Marathi For Everyone

Marathi is one of the languages which is primarily spoken in the Indian country. A lot of people in India talk about it. So for this purpose, we are sharing the best statuses for Whatsapp for those who spoke Marathi.

You can download what’s app status by clicking on images used and also sentences used.

The famous and eye-catering Whatsapp status in Marathi is given below.

Whatsapp Status Marathi

Following are the top Marathi status for Whatsapp

  • “My best moment is to see you online and message of typing….”
  • “Reply on my every status is what I want to see in my love.”
  • “I don’t want to see myself getting sad to be mine or leave.”
  • “My behavior is up to you what you give me. I will deliver it to you.”
  • “Being alone is better than the disability of behaviors.”
  • “I don’t care for that what you have poison in your mind. I want to see snakes in my feet.”
  • “I don’t make time for those who are talking about me, but I make time for those who are mine.”
  • “My beloved one always cares. Even it’s my WhatsApp status; they react to love.”
  • “Being more soft heart can break you more.”
  • “My bad time will have a bright future.”
  • “Getting beautiful heart and crazy talking is what I love.”
whatsapp status marathi

Whatsapp status Marathi

Whatsapp Status Marathi For Everyone 

Here is WhatsApp’s status in Marathi for every age of people: young or old.

  • “Being single doesn’t mean the person is living a life of not being loved but a life of enough patience to accept everything.
  • “I don’t pass arguments I know who understand me can live with me.”
  • “I know to deal myself how I look and what I wear is what given from GOD I am happy.”
  • “Being happy and laughing has a difference in having and seeing”
  • “Nothing has world, but the world has you.”
  • “You are the last destination I don’t have any other to follow.”
  • “No one is like my friends, but also, everyone is not my friend.”
  • “I bunked every time, but I am broken inside.”
  • “Have patience and believe my life will go where life is royal.”
  • “What makes me sad is what we see In movies and read in books.”
  • “Fake people can stay in everyone’s heart, but good ones always stay in a single heart.”
  • “Choose to keep yourself like people who are two-faced but live where it is easy.”
  • “You and only you are my life.”
  • “My craziness and feelings are now only attached with you.”
  • “How is our relation how is the life you are my just”
  • “Stop and wait until my heart  can be at peace.”
  • “How good you are the time will tell your reality.”

Marathi Whatsapp Status For Sad People 

The sad people often upload Whatsapp status, so we share the tragic Marathi status.

  • “Life is full of pain. I weep and cry alone.”
  • “This I request please come and hug me. I am not relaxed for many years.”
  • “Speak something……………….”
  • “Take me where no one is breaking hearts of people but loving each other”
  • “If you want to go, go but don’t forget me, don’t make me cry.”
  • “I respect those who still love each other after fighting.”
  • “Most important things are not things that you love.”
  • “Hope…someone is same inside and outside.”
  • “I know how much people have the power to ignore me, and then I can decide who is mine and who is bear back the enemy.”
  • “I can’t sleep. I miss you.”
  • “My belief is to have love what I deliver.”
  • “My heart is broken, but I want to give respect to everybody.”
  • “I am much shy to show what I have and what  I feel.”
  • “My life has two things. One is my love see, cond she is my life.”
  • “I want to love, and I can share with him my half-life.”
  • “Don’t see my heart, don’t see the central position. I can understand it.”
  • “Don’t express any feeling to anybody. No one will make you laugh.”

Marathi Whatsapp Status For Break Up 

Those who experienced terrible things in their relationships, so for them, we are sharing the best WhatsApp status for separations in Marathi. 

  • “Believe it, NO ONE CARES.”
  • “Your feelings are only for yourself, not express.”
  • “Don’t tell your feelings. No one will believe you.”
  • “I know I am nothing if you also think same. It’s sad.”
  • “No one, literally no one, is there for you. “
  • “Your only asset is you.”
  • “Now, I will not love anymore. I will make myself newborn.”
  • “I have a life to enjoy, not to be slave of anybody.”
  • “I hate robots and life of people who love anyone.”
  • “Please don’t reveal to me what secrets I have told you.”
  • “Please don’t put me in front of your bad nature.”
  • “I am sad not having you.”
  • “if you stay, keep me in your memories.”
  • “I know you hate me, but don’t show it. I don’t want to be broken.”
  • “I can feel  you, but you can’t feel me.”
  • “Love never lies in bodily but in clear hearts.”
  • “Make sure to leave one with your full effort if you did; you did great.”
  • “Life Sucks for nothing, but life will be good, believe it.”

Marathi Whatsapp Status For Relation 

For Marathi, we are sharing relationships related to WhatsApp status here. 

  • “Don’t treat them how they are; treat them as you are.”
  • “Don’t make an excuse if you want; you can go.”
  • “Don’t ask anybody to stay. Make them free to show their real face.”
  • “I am happy now I can manage myself. Please leave me alone.”
  • “Putting anyone to make anyone rival of yours will not spread the love.”
  • “I am only one who thinks much but doesn’t tell anybody.”
  • “If someone loves you for no reason, even you are poor; your love is greedless.”
  • “Live. You are human, not to express yourself.”

When you love enough, but the only thing you get ignorance, no time for you, this makes you sad. But you consider yourself loyal to love them, but they don’t deserve it. At this age, if still, you find someone who loves you, doesn’t leave him, don’t test his love for you, or don’t put him in a situation that can be an unsolved issue. That thing can make him or can assure that you are not for him. Just do better things for him.DONT use your tricks

  • “Don’t use tricks to test or in fun; you can lose him


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