William Shakespeare Answer It What Actually The Root Of Hearthache Is

William Shakespeare Answers What Actually The Root Of Hearthache Is ?

The Answer is obvious as said by William Shakespeare is that Only Expectation is the thing which will kill your inner peace actually.

William Shakespeare is one of the top personality in english literature.
As William Shakespeare has one of the top quote which i want tp share with you and is written below.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

The meaning of this quote is very clear. William Shakespeare want to say that if you build up high amount of hope and expectations.

As from anyone, so it will might hurt somewhere in future.

So the main purpose i trying to say is that if you keepmire expectations from some one which is very dearest to you.

Must be ready for something that will hurts you.

So never expect more from people.

Similarly, not expect that everyone will do good to you.

This world makes those people happy which are independent.

Similarly this world makes those people succesful which search hope inside thierselfs. They do not  depends on others .

Because they know the words of Shakespeare that final result of expectations is nothing except hearthache.

And hearthache is notgood. Because i must said the favourite line as the aches and pains of tongue and trust will never remove.

By expectations you might get great amount of such aches which i said earlier. And if you take things on your hearth it will results in many many diseases.

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Hopefully you get it what actually i mean.

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